Solar Powered Cooker

Go green and cook anywhere under the sun with infinite clean energy! This portable solar grill uses precision parabolic mirror reflectors to heat your pot or pan and can reach temperatures up to 550°F! Grill, bake, saute, boil and more!


Harness the unlimited green energy of the sun! This thing is simply amazing. Direct sunlight provides an instant 1,000 watts of energy to your cooking device. You can boil 1 liter of water in 10 minutes. Grill chicken, steaks, eggs & bacon, stir-fry, boil pasta or do anything just like you would do on a stove at home. The interface is designed with the chef in mind to provide a comfortable layout for cooking.


The mirrors can be adjusted to reduce the heat when needed, and the mirrors themselves are made of an advanced self-healing polymer that maximizes the effectiveness of the reflective surface and ensures durability. The surface can easily be cleaned with soap, water and a soft cloth.  The entire assembly itself is extremely well constructed with high-quality  stainless steel components and should last for many, many years when taken care of.


This product was designed to be used as an outdoor cooking solution in remote places all over the world, where fuel or other resources can be scarce. From the frozen tundra to desolate desert. It is designed with longevity and durability in mind, to be able to broken down, transported and put back together many, many times. This was tested for use by nomads on the Himalayan Plateau, so it is very well suited for long-term outdoor use, transport and storage.






  • 32″ LED Arcade System

    Go into nostalgia overload with this professional 32" LED Arcade system that contains 2100 different games, virtually every game made from 1980 to 2005. With support for up to 3000 games. Have a modern arcade in the comfort of your own home.


  • Japanese Industrial Boots

    The Japanese know fashion.. these futuristic industrial tabi boots are the epitome of both fashion and function. They are lightweight and ultra comfortable, yet extremely sturdy and water resistant. They fit like a glove and being unisex can be rocked by men and women alike. Ultimate comfort and style.


  • Robot Dog


  • Razer Naga MMO Mouse

    Ideal for MMO gaming, this ultra high precision ergonomic mouse features 19 programmable buttons! Super precise sensor at 16,000 DPI. 12 button mechanical thumb grid gives you plenty of options to bind your keys and a tactile feel like a keyboard. Chroma lighting lets you customize the color of the mouse lighting to over 16.8 million colors! With so many keys to choose from, this mouse is ideal for the MMO player or for any gamer who's looking to expand their macro capabilities.


  • Mesh Food Cover

    Keep those infernal insects off your precious foodstuffs! Perfect for outdoor events, barbecues, picnics, and so on. These lightweight mesh tents will cover your food to keep those nasty flies, mosquitoes and other insects and debris from contaminating your food. Also features a special bottom band to provide protection against ants and other creepy crawlies. When not in use these lightweight tents collapse down flat and take up very little space. This package includes 4 mesh tents and a convenient carrying case.


  • Constellation Night Light

    Now you or your little ones can sleep under a starry sky every night. This cool little night light projects a full night sky onto the ceiling or walls as it slowly rotates 360 degrees. Great for kids, it provides a nice little night light and something for them to be fascinated by.


  • True Reflection Mirror

    Believe it or not, nearly every mirror in the world is "backwards" and reverses the right and left sides, you've probably never seen a "true" reflection of yourself until this mirror. See your true image reflection as everyone else sees you. One of the only kind in the world.


  • Mechanical Gaming Keypad

    The ultimate gaming keypad, a perfect extension for any MMORPG, RTS, or FPS game, providing you with 20 mechanical keys for more skills, macros and hotkeys right at your fingertips as well as an 8-way directional thumb pad that can be used for movement or as a modifier to unlock even more possible keybinds. 30 programmable keys in total. You can customize the backlighting as well. This is an awesome extension for any gamer and to some feels way better and provides more intuitive options than a standard keyboard.


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