Multifunction Grappling Hook/Claw

No true outdoorsmen or ninja should be without such a valuable tool. This stainless steel multifunctional grappling claw is cross constituted with a mechanical claw and a grappling / gravity hook, with a detachable bat gear tie to tie…


Nightmare Before Christmas Clock

The spectacular spookiness of Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is on full display in all of it’s vividly colorful nightmarish brilliance in this Cuckoo clock. Featuring sound, lights and movement, this ghastly timepiece is sure to be a smash…


Horror Movie Sound Instrument

Create your very own eerie horror movie sounds with this waterphone sound effect instrument. Make hauntingly ethereal sounds or eerie atonal sci-fi. You can play it with a bow, a pick, a mallet, drumstick, or with your hand!


Cast Aluminum Fire Pit

Keep your backyard barbecue warm and cozy on the coldest of nights. This large cast aluminum, non-rusting chiminea features thick aluminum and all stainless steel parts, as well as a removable stack and grilling grate.


USB Killer

Instantly destroy almost any unprotected electronic device through the USB port. This little USB killer rapidly charges and then discharges at -200VDC, instantly and permanently disabling any unprotected hardware. Use with extreme caution and vigilance.


Katana Sword Umbrella

Preserve your honor, as well as your clothes with the Katana Sword Umbrella. The umbrella deploys with a simple button press and features a long Katana handle which you can wield one-handed, as well as a sheath so you…


Rainbow LED Mechanical Keyboard

Get your game on in with a colorful stylish flair. This Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard is completely waterproof and features dual processors for swift transitions, allows multi-keys to work simultaneously with high speed. Extreme anti-ghosting and blue mechanical switches…


Flux Capacitor Watch

Get closer to your time traveling goals with this Flux Capacitor wristwatch. This tells the time by flashing LED lights on each “hand” to indicate the current hour and minute.


Deal With It Sunglasses

Live a true internet meme IRL with these Deal with It sunglasses. Always keep a pair handy in case you ever need to pop them on in an emergency.


Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

2.8 inch display with 320×240 16-bit color pixels and resistive touch overlay. Take your miniature PC project to the next level.


  • Brass Sundial Compass

    Steampunk. Functional. Classy. This stunning 4″ brass sundial and compass is perfect for sailing the high seas. Ascertain the time and your direction with razor clarity. This high quality brass sundial will last a lifetime.    


  • Nerf Rival Nemesis

    When you need to absolutely dominate the nerf battlefield… charge in blasters blazing with your Nerf Rival Nemesis. Unleash a torrential hailstorm of nerf balls upon your enemy with motorized, rapid-fire blasting, capable of holding 100 high impact rounds.


  • Nintendo N64 Coffee Table

    The perfect table for the diehard Nintendo fanboy, this N64 style design is a unique and handmade piece of furniture that makes the perfect base for a coffee table. It will surely make your friends jealous.


  • Hipster Keyboard and Mouse

    When you are just too damn cool for the average pleb, stand out from the crowd with your wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse. Who needs 56 million colors of LEDs when you have genuine bamboo.


  • Gourmet PB&J Club

    What do you get the foodie that already has everything? How about a year-long subscription to monthly shipments of gourmet Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches from boutiques across the globe! Every month, receive deliciously satisfying specialized PB&J sandwiches delivered…


  • Star Wars BB-9E Droid

    This is the other droid you have been looking for. This Star Wars BB-9E App-Enabled Droid has authentic movements, holographic simulations and interacts with the BB-8 and other droids.


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