Levitating Planter

Impress your coworkers and show off your favorite air plants or other small plants with this zero-gravity plant system. A 12-sided geodesic planter hovers above an oak base via magnetic levitation while gently rotating. Creates a very impressive display and fascinates people of all ages.


  • Swedish Survival Blade

    The official survival blade of the Swedish Air Force. Swedish designed, Made in Japan. Fixed 3 4/5" blade, full tang, Laminated VG10 steel. Extremely strong steel, holds an insanely sharp edge. Grippy and virtually indestructible Thermorun handle. Use it for anything from splitting wood to slicing tomatoes. One of the best survival blades out there.


  • Glow in the Dark Star Wars Hoodie

    Now even in the pitch dark, people can see you are a devotee!


  • Nintendo N64 Coffee Table

    The perfect table for the diehard Nintendo fanboy, this N64 style design is a unique and handmade piece of furniture that makes the perfect base for a coffee table. It will surely make your friends jealous.


  • Zelda Hydration Cartridge

    It's a NES Zelda cartridge / flask you drink from. Could you get any cooler? Didn't think so.


  • Automatic Mini Donut Factory

    Have an endless craving for donuts? Crank them out in the comfort of your own home with this automatic donut machine. You simply set it up, put in your batter and the machine handles everything, automatically cranking out up to 450 mini donuts per hour!


  • Japanese Snack Box

    Treat yourself to delectable snacks and candies from Japan. This box contains an assortment of premium candy and snacks that you pretty much cannot find outside of Japan.


  • Deluxe Camping Hammock

    Camp in style and ultimate comfort with this Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series. Be the envy of your peasant tent friends who must suffer on the cold hard ground. With the ability to string up anywhere there are trees, the choices are almost endless! The benefits of a hammock are many; you are off the ground, you relieve your pressure points and get the most comfortable and relaxed sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! It is super lightweight, the whole package under 3lbs and also easy to setup and take down. Extra provisions must be taken for hammock camping in cold weather.


  • Self-Charging Cooling Vest

    Beat the heat! This self-charging cooling vest is the perfect thing to keep your core body temperature down during extremely hot moments. Perfect for heat stroke, camping, stints in the desert, people with multiple sclerosis, and many more applications!


  • 256GB Micro SD Card

    Technology advances more every day. Now you can hold a massive 256 Gigabytes of memory on the tip of your finger. This Class-10 Micro SD has speeds up to 90MB/s and can store 24 hours of full HD video. To put things into perspective, back in 1980... a 26 Megabyte hard drive cost $5,000.


  • Folding Bluetooth Phone Keyboard

    When you are sick of fumbling away on a tiny on-screen keyboard, or need to pump out a lengthy email or text on your phone - enter this bad boy. This foldable phone keyboard syncs up to your phone via bluetooth and you have a normal keyboard to type on! Has a built-in rechargeable battery that will last for days. Uses the latest bluetooth technology to provide a high speed signal up to 33ft away.


  • Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeper

    No spy leaves home without one. Want to scan for hidden GPS trackers on your car? Find it in seconds. Will detect all sorts of pesky electronic devices including hidden cameras, microphones, video transmitters, GPS trackers and all other sorts of concealed transmitters and spying devices. Ideal for those who travel a lot, work in high security, or anyone with a concern for security.


  • Fiber Optic Light Up Jacket

    For the person who just can't get enough attention, now be the most visible and futuristic person at the cocktail party. This luminous jacket is capable of lighting up in numerous vibrant colors.


  • Hydra SmartBottle

    The most ridiculous water bottle ever devised. 20 ounce BPA free bottle, the cap includes a 5w Bluetooth speaker which you can sync with your phone to play music. It has a 4000mAh power bank so you can charge your devices, FM radio, hidden storage, a carabiner and bottle opener. LEDs can also light up inside the bottle in various colors to create a lantern effect. You can charge your phone, while streaming music, with a freaking water bottle. This contains everything you've ever wanted in a water bottle and many things you didn't know you wanted.


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