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Lego Millennium Falcon

The most epic Lego set ever! Recreate the legendary Millennium Falcon in this rare Star Wars Lego set with 5195 pieces spanning almost 3 feet long. Wookie included.



  • Cooler/Audio System/Power Station

    Behold! This badass 40 qt. cooler has a built in audio system with bluetooth capability and a power station. It can charge and store your electronic devices, play your tunes, open your beers, and keep up to 48 cans ice cold for three days... what more could you ask for in a cooler?


  • Self Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem

    Your own sealed and self-regulating aquatic ecosystem complete with plant life, micro shrimp, algae and micro-organisms. This zero-maintenance "Ecosphere" is completely self-sustaining as it recycles it's nutrients and does not produce any excess waste.


  • Basecamp Stove Charging Station

    Take your campsite to the next level with the Biolite Basecamp grill and charging station. Provides heat, cooks your food and recharges your electronic devices all at the same time. The heat is converted into energy to charge the onboard battery and power your devices. This also powers an onboard fan which injects air back into the burn chamber for a super efficient burn.


  • Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool

    Get your Star Wars feels on with this Millennium Falcon multi-tool. Not only does it look rad but it functions as well! With four hex keys, two screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench built into the ship's helm. Everything tucks away nice and neat


  • Mechanical Gaming Keypad

    The ultimate gaming keypad, a perfect extension for any MMORPG, RTS, or FPS game, providing you with 20 mechanical keys for more skills, macros and hotkeys right at your fingertips as well as an 8-way directional thumb pad that can be used for movement or as a modifier to unlock even more possible keybinds. 30 programmable keys in total. You can customize the backlighting as well. This is an awesome extension for any gamer and to some feels way better and provides more intuitive options than a standard keyboard.


  • Bolt Action Pen

    I've always been envious of those guys who can twirl their pen between their fingers. Well now I have something to do with my pen. This is my Pen, There are many like it but this one is mine.


  • Nerf Rival Nemesis

    When you need to absolutely dominate the nerf battlefield... charge in blasters blazing with your Nerf Rival Nemesis. Unleash a torrential hailstorm of nerf balls upon your enemy with motorized, rapid-fire blasting, capable of holding 100 high impact rounds.


  • Ace Bottle Opener

    This Ace of Spades card is a forged stainless steel bottle opener that will probably outlive you. Pass it down to your children and your children's children.


  • Super Mario Fridge Magnets

    Color up your kitchen with this 17 piece Super Mario magnet set. Create your own custom levels on your refridgerator with each magnet modeled after the iconic characters and objects from Super Mario World.


  • Death Metal Rainbow Shirt

    Show the world your undying passion for the sheer relentless brutality of Death Metal, because nothing says hardcore like a pretty rainbow over a pasty pink background.


  • Deluxe Camping Hammock

    Turn virtually any outdoor terrain into your own campsite with this legendary hammock camping shelter. The innovative design allows you to string up anywhere there are trees, keeping you safe off the cold, hard ground and providing the ultimate outdoor comfort. Features an integrated bug net and has a patented design that allows you to lay completely flat for the most relaxing sleep.


  • 32″ LED Arcade System

    Go into nostalgia overload with this professional 32" LED Arcade system that contains 2100 different games, virtually every game made from 1980 to 2005. With support for up to 3000 games. Have a modern arcade in the comfort of your own home.


  • Ultimate Waterproof Speaker

    Take your tunes on every outdoor adventure with the WoW Sound Ultimate Waterproof Speaker. With an IP67 waterproof rating and floatable, you can even take it into the pool with you! Rugged, dust, shock and water proof with premium sound and 50+ hour battery life. Perfect for outdoor activities!


  • Self-Leveling Spoon

    Now those with disabilities, tremors, and even infants can eat in better harmony with this amazing self-balancing utensil. It features an advanced stabilizing handle which automatically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes less and the spoon remains level regardless of the orientation of the handle.


  • Frost Pipe Mold

    Make McGuyver jealous and have the chillest chillum in all the land. With this frost pipe mold all you need is some H20, a freezer and some time and you'll have an ice pipe worthy of the Ice King himself.


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